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Medical Abbreviations are short notes to the patient for information about medicine like “3 times a day”. These abbreviations are commonly used to save time and space.

BRBPR Medical Abbreviation (Terms)

BRBPR Medical Abbreviation

Looking for BRBPR medical abbreviation, Term, meaning. BRBPR is a medical word or phrase which is used to define transcript of medicine. What does BRBPR mean in medical terms? There are two acronyms or definitions of BRBPR abbreviation in a single category. BRBPR meaning changes from one category to another. So brbpr means  “Bright Red Blood Per Rectum”. Which is usually […]

NCAT Medical Abbreviation – What does the Medical Abbreviation ncat mean

ncat medical abbreviation

What does NCAT mean in medical? NCAT has many abbreviations according to the medical dictionary, we are going to list down all of them. Following are definitions of NCAT National Clinical Advisory Team Neurocognitive assessment tool Normocephalic Atraumatic normocephalic and atraumatic Trendy Posts: HS Medical Abbreviation Pharmacy Sig Codes or Medical Abbreviations BRBPR Medical Abbreviation (Terms) […]

HLD Medical Abbreviation – What does HLD Means in Medical terms?

HLD Medical Abbreviation: What does HLD Means in Medical terms?

HLD is a medical abbreviation which means Hyperlipidemia, which is Also known as hyperlipoproteinemia according to British English. Hyperlipidemia has two types, primary and secondary. You can see the video, understand it more comfortably. Other HLD Abbreviations 1. Haloperidol Decanoate 2. Healed 3. Hepatolenticular Degeneration 4. Herniated Lumber Disk 5. Hippel Lindau Disease 6. Hyperlipidemia 7. Hypersensitivity Lung […]

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