What is the Best Over The Counter UTI Medicine?

Best Over The Counter UTI Medicine

Urinary Tract Infection or the bladder infection happens when the germs like bacteria travel through the anal region to the bladder. They bacteria block the walls of the bladder and urinary tract and in some cases, it leads to kidney infections as well. The symptoms may involve pain with urination, fever, abdominal cramps and sometimes blood in the urine. There are a number of medicines suggested for UTI issues. We will include the medicines, natural solutions and other medical suggestions for countering UTI problems. Let’s have a look to the solution called Over The Counter UTI Medicine.

Over the counter UTI Medication

Over the counter UTI medicine includes Pyridium or Phenazopyridine. These are the best medicine for urinary tract infections in OTC treatment. These drugs are easily available in the pharmacies and medical stores. But it should never be ignored that medication of one person for the same problem can’t be used for the other individuals as medicines are prescribed after careful study and examination of every individual. The constant UTI should be tackled with consultation and advice of the doctor as most of the times; medicines become passive, and the situation remains same. You can get rid of UTI by visiting Get rid of a UTI fast.

In severe and acute conditions, the patients should be hospitalized, and medicines are given after advice of the medical officer. In light conditions, the antibiotics and medicines can help, but the regular use of such medicines causes other kidney infections. Here are few of the best medicines that are used for UTI solutions.

  • Ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin
  • Fosfomycin
  • Nitrofurantoin
  • Sulfamethoxazole with trimethoprim

What is the best antibiotic for a UTI?

These are the best antibiotics to treat UTI fast.

  • Beta-lactams
  • including penicillins
  • cephalosporins

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Best Home Treatment/Medication

The following treatments can be used as the best counter medicines for UTI:

  1. The patient should ensure that he/she makes his/her bladder empty and urinate fully whenever you feel it.
  2. Take plenty of water and it will be useful to remove the bacteria and other germs that cause blockage in the urinary tract.
  3. The girls and women must follow the exercises that are helpful in this regard.
  4. When you are suffering from UTI rest is very important and try to take full rest in inflammation and pain situations.

Don’t use over the counter UTI medicines for youngster below 13 years of age.


The medical sciences believe in medicines and proper use of medication to cure a disease but in spite of these precautions may spare a person from getting a certain disease. The ladies and women are advised to use the sanitary pads as compared to other ordinary as the simple and useless pads cause UTI and other health concerns.

Another important factor that most of the people forget is to ensure proper clean and urination after the sexual intercourses. This spares from the bacteria that get into the tract dues to unhealthy conditions and negligence of the people.

The use of tight clothes is also a problem so the doctors suggest not putting on tight jeans and other clothing rather the patients or people who suffer from UTI must take care of their clothes and use loose cotton clothes that are comfortable for them.

Water is the best source, and natural remedy to get rid of such infections and using optimum water will perform proper cleaning of tract and bladder that will remove the germs and bacteria.

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How to Get Rid Of a UTI Fast? – at home

How get Rid Of a UTI Fast at home?

 UTI stands for urinary tract infection and it may occur in any part of the urinary tract either because of bacteria, virus or fungus. This is the second most common infection in humans and there is a dire need to get rid of it. The medical researches and the doctors have found out some solutions, remedies, and medications that will discuss in this write-up. Here are some useful tips that will help get rid of UTIs fast and comfortably. well!! I know you are finding out your answers on, How to Get Rid Of a UTI Fast?

Remedies to get rid of UTI

The antibiotics or medicines are not the only way to get over urinary tract infections but sometimes the simple remedies are quite helpful in this regards. But the patients must be sure with these remedies and the consultation of the medical officer is also required.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

The doctors always suggest the infected people to take plenty of water if they are facing urinary tract infections. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), taking optimum water is useful in this regards as water helps in removing and washing the tract covered or blocked with bacteria. The water intake should be in accordance with your needs and consultation of your doctor.

  • Use Vitamin C

The vitamin C is believed to be helpful in recovering the UTI problems. The foods that contain vitamin C should be used as vitamin C makes the urine more acidic.

This will impede the growth of bacteria and other germs that lead to such infections. If the patient is suffering from active UTI, proper and suggested the use of vitamin C supplements will be of great help as well.

  • Consider Herbal Solutions

In addition to the modern and latest scientific solutions in the form of medicines and pills (Use Best over the counter UTI medicine), the patients should also consider the natural and herbal remedies as well. Herb UVA URSI is used for the treatment of lower urinary infections. But the important aspect while using the natural remedies is to maintain a balance and not use for longer times as they cause kidney infections in otherwise cases.

  • Turn to Healthy Habits

The lifestyle and the habits of the people often cause UTI issues and changing the habits to some healthier or positive one will help a lot in getting rid of UTI fast. The first thing to do is to quit smoking if you do badly. The second point to consider is putting on and using loose cotton clothes and innerwear and last but not surely the least, products with no fragrance must be preferred for personal use.

  • Use Heat in UTI Problems

The doctors and medical experts suggest that using heat pads around the private parts will help in inflammation, burning, and pain. The use should follow proper care and never apply directly on the skin rather it should be moderate in intensity with duration of not more than fifteen minutes.

  • Take Care of Food

The medical reports tell that fast foods, cocaine, alcohol, and other spicy foods should be reduced in urinary tract infection cases. These become burdens for the bladder and lead to numerous problems.

How to get rid of a UTI fast at home?

This was all on the “how to treat a UTI”  I hope I laid justice to the today’s subject. I guess you guys got a helpful information on how to get Rid of a UTI fast. If you have any input than move ahead and leave them in the comment box.